Deploying applications through STRATEGIC Service Store

On the previous blog, a short introduction to STRATEGIC Service Store was given in order to make it familiar before going to more specific actions.

For the IT people of both private and public sector, the existence of an application marketplace is a very strong advantage and reason to use an online service like STRATEGIC Service Store. STRATEGIC Service Store provides a marketplace of applications and services that can be deployed in multiple clouds. For this reason, a user that has already created a cloud profile can select an application and proceed with the deployment process. Available applications can be browsed and filtered by some basic categories that have been defined.


However if a user needs one specific application it is possible to search by using the appropriate field.


After the user browses the list of available services, the selection can be done and the deployment process can start, by defining the application specific details, like the password of the database, the administrator account, the website name and other details that the specific application allows to be configured.

configure application

After the initial details of the application, the user has to select the specific cloud profile for the deployment of the application.

cloud selector

Additional configuration is required after the selection of the cloud profile, as STRATEGIC Service Store connects to the IaaS and fetches information and the configurable parameters of the VM to be deployed.


The details of the network and the network rules is also important to be configured, in order to allow the application to be accessible after the deployment, both from the end users of the application but also from the administrator of the application if there is a need to connect to the VM.

network configuration

Before the deployment, user can review and even save the configuration parameters of the service to be deployed, in JSON formatting.


During deployment the user is provided with updates about the steps of the deployment process of the project, as the deployment requires several minutes to be executed. As the deployment is an asynchronous procedure, user can dismiss the pop-up window and continue using the STRATEGIC Service Store normally.


The deployment workflow is also demonstrated in the following video:

In our next blog we finish the first round of blog posts that are related to STRATEGIC Service Store, and we will then provide some more specific information about Cloud and the available IaaS offerings in the market, so that the usage of a multi cloud platform like STRATEGIC is highlighted.