Introducing STRATEGIC Service Store

To meet the goals discussed in the previous blog post (, asics gel kayano nike air presto femme chaussures asics air jordan cdp Nike Air Max 2013 Men the STRATEGIC project set onto develop a Cloud capability that could meet the requirements of the public sector. chaussure nike air Adidas Gazelle Soldes adidas outlet kyrie irving uggs for women asics gel lyte v The outcome of this pursuit is now called as the ‘STRATEGIC Service Store’. nike air max pas cher asics gel nimbus 18 soldes nike pas cher asics femme UGG for Men Sale Kids Air Jordan The Service Store is a multi-tenant platform that was designed to meet these top requirements (see deliverable D2.1 ) :

  1. Multi-Cloud deployment and workload management capability.
  2. Application Store/marketplace.
  3. Ability to publish your own Application with a set pre-defined topologies and be resalable in the marketplace.
  4. Integrated Cloud Security.

STRATEGIC Service Store Dashboard The multi-cloud requirement was supported the ability to on-board a customer’s corresponding account on a target cloud on the STRATEGIC Service Store. cheap adidas classic short womens ugg boots ugg boots uk ugg sale outlet adidas f50 Based on the requirements and popularity the target infrastructure APIs that we can orchestrate included public Clouds such as Amazon AWS, nike air max command soldes 2018 nike air max asics uk air jordan 7 Cheap UGG Ansley Sale Windows Azure and any cloud data centres that use CloudPlatform and Openstack. adidas superstar ugg boots for cheap Adidas Soldes femme nike air max nike pas cher Cloud Profiles An application can now be launched to any of the Cloud accounts that has been linked with the STRATEGIC Service Store. nike air zoom pegasus nike zoom ray ban collection 2013 homme ugg boots sale uk Adidas NMD adidas tubular The application store provides a wide choice of pre-packaged apps from simple applications like a Tomcat server to a complex deployment such as a Hadoop cluster as a mult-tier multi-server application. air jordan 4 adidas pas cher adidas stan smith New Balance 990 Baskets ugg roxy tall 5818 new balance 1500 The ‘Publish My App’ capability further extends the marketplace to the customer to add an application of their choice themselves. asics women new balance fille Adidas Soldes uggs for women Nike Air Max Baskets Application Selector In the following blog posts, chaussure adidas nike air max command soldes air jordan pas cher new balance dark ugg bailey bow for sale we will touch upon steps of launching an application to a specific cloud target and how to secure these deployments.

Public sector cloud adoption and the of goal of STRATEGIC

Nowadays, privately held as well as public Cloud computing services hold the promise to deliver a host of benefits, including reduced Capital Expenses, improved performance and scalability, enhanced reliability, as well as an overall reduced Total Cost of Ownership for their ICT infrastructures and services. new balance 577 asics soldes new balance shoes These benefits are particularly important for public bodies, especially for governmental agencies, municipalities and regions, all over the EU; the adoption of public cloud services as part of their numerous e-government transactions is expected to have a significant economic and social impact. nike soldes new balance grey asics gold Air Jordan Men Despite these potential benefits, the penetration of cloud computing within public sector organizations is still low and is usually confined to the use of simple on-line back-office services (e.g., document management, document sharing, mobile access to document), with only few instances of use of e-government services by European citizens. adidas factory outlet Furthermore, security and privacy management mechanisms (along with related policies) are not yet fully integrated into public cloud services. chaussure air jordan air jordan 2011 This is a significant lost opportunity in an era where governments are under extreme pressure to reduce operational budgets, while at the same time citizens seek opportunities for increased satisfaction at less time and lower cost. asics gold Cloud Computing adoption on public sector In order to come up with the proposed solution of STRATEGIC for public cloud services, the requirements of the target communities were identified after analyzing a diverse set of public and private sector organizations. nike pas cher adidas factory outlet Public sector ones included governmental agencies (central government), municipalities and other regional or local governments, while private sector ones include cloud application developers, cloud solution providers, cloud services providers, cloud solution integrators, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and more. air jordan en soldes Both requirements and business strategies were considered. nike zoom nike air max 2016 air jordan 10 ugg classic mini boots Diversity in terms of cloud maturity was also taken into account, ranging from cloud-“immature” to cloud-“mature”. Nike Air Max 95 air jordan 15 nike air max thea The identified methodology comprised two main axes: the state of the art review in the area of e-Government/public cloud services and the development of a questionnaire supported by few selected interviews in order to get input from a diverse set of stakeholders, both from public and private sector. Nike France oakley batwolf icons blue UGG Kids Outlet On the type of organization 57% were pubic (67 responses), and 43% private (50 responses), and thus there is more focus on the public sector. nike pas cher 2017 asics asics gel lyte UGG Men For Sale blog1_1v1 Focusing mostly on e-Government Cloud and other relevant initiatives, and despite the fact that many of them are rather new, there are some important messages and requirements have can be extracted from both the state of the art review and the questionnaire/interviews analysis that was executed as part of STRATEGIC. new balance minimus cheap ugg boots uk According to this research made by STRATEGIC consortium, the provision of Cloud computing in public administrations is limited or in many cases even non-existent. cheap jordans uk for sale new balance running Although there are cases that can be considered early adopters, especially at national level, these are still the minority and most countries are still in the investigation, planning or pilot phase. nike air presto soldes nike pour homme pas cher nike air max pas cher Furthermore, at local level (e.g. municipalities), even for those early adopting countries, cloud services do not exist and are mostly at planning or pilot phase. Cheap New Balance new balance 410 asics gel kinsei 6 asics gel lyte iii The use of Cloud services (consuming Cloud services) is at a much better position, and only a 12,5% of questionnaire respondents state that they do not use or plan to use the Cloud. New Balance femme cheap uggs nike internationalist air jordan en chile ugg shoe sale outlet Regarding the cloud deployment model for public bodies, both state of the art and questionnaire analysis lean towards a preference to “Private” model. basket nike air soldes asics shoes The questionnaire analysis showed that “Private” model dominating (close to 40%), while “Hybrid” is following (~30%) and “Public” last (with around 25%). penny hardaway asics gel nimbus usage The state of the art review shows national G-Cloud early adopters have taken different paths in choosing for their cloud solutions. asics grey Air Jordan XX9 Although there are a few countries that have opted for public solutions, it appears that most countries currently working or planning towards a G-cloud lean towards Private cloud (i.e. penny hardaway a governmental agency hosting the G-cloud services with own-resources). Specific requirements and considerations have been identified confirmed by both the state of the art and questionnaire-interviews analyses. air jordan 12 The most important confirmed requirement from both state of the art and questionnaire analyses is the Security and privacy, as there is an absolute need for data privacy (both the vast majority of Cloud users and providers deem it as important or very important). air jordan hydro ugg australia oakley fuel cell privacy This uncertainty of users concerning the usage of cloud services has been also shown in the answers of the users for the reasons that are considered obstacles on the cloud adoption. nike air max 2016 soldes cheap sale ugg boots uk chaussures asics answers Finally it was in the interest of STRATEGIC to see the actual response of the public sector market to a cloud broker and marketplace. nike air presto femme nike lebron The role and importance of marketplace and brokerage services all together seems to raise in the future and it could be possible find some profit, as premium paid on top of provider prices are mostly 1-10% but in some cases providers are willing to pay up to 20%. nike basket cheap ugg boots uk broker The information presented above has been extracted by the STRATEGIC public deliverable 2.1 (Report on Stakeholders Requirements) that is available in the Publications and Deliverables section of the website. asics rose penny hardaway STRATEGIC goal and objectives In this context, STRATEGIC tries to primarily address the need of organizations (notably public sector bodies) to adopt cloud computing and to leverage the benefits of public cloud services. basket nike tn soldes nike pas cher Main benefits for public entities in using the Cloud include:

  • Reducing costs for their information system infrastructures, platforms and services
  • Embracing new (cloud-based) service delivery models to accelerate innovation and benefit from economies of scale as these become available
  • Sharing resources and experiences, and integrate services with other local authorities or other countries, again to reduce costs and share support and knowledge
  • Making use of national G-Cloud services as they become available
  • Increasing the effectiveness, scalability and elasticity of current online services and invoke some new ones

Using the STRATEGIC framework, public bodies are given the ability to cloud-enable their services, but also to adapt and localize «best practice» services that have been successfully deployed by other public bodies in other EU countries and regions. These adaptation and localization functionalities will greatly benefit (cloud «newcomer») public bodies that have no cloud deployments at all, since they will offer them with a readily available bundle of public services that they could directly adopt. While the emphasis of the STRATEGIC project is the public bodies, the public administration and e-government services, several of the services of the project (and the associated benefits) are applicable to private enterprises as well. new balance red oakley flak jacket asics uk In this way, STRATEGIC addresses also cloud application developers, cloud services integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs) and cloud services providers (including providers of hosting services) as follows:

  • Cloud service developers and ISVs are offered with tools and techniques for developing public cloud services, but also for adapting and localizing existing ones. asics chaussures In this way, they will have the opportunity to undertake such adaptation and localization task for a wide range of public bodies in their territories, thereby increasing their customer portfolios and revenues.
  • Cloud services providers (including providers of hosting services) will have opportunities to offer cloud hosting services to the proliferating public sector organizations that will be gradually adopting public cloud services.