Mirantis OpenStack is a vendor supported OpenStack distribution provided by Mirantis, an US based B2B cloud computing services company. Mirantis launched its own OpenStack distribution in October 2013, in competition with OpenStack distributions from RedHat, Hewlett-Packard and others. One of the key features of Mirantis OpenStack is Fuel – an open-source software application that simplifies the deployment of highly available OpenStack environments, as well as enables you to manage your OpenStack environments after deployment. Mirantis OpenStack is available as a free download (for evaluation purposes) and Fuel project has become an official OpenStack Foundation governed project in 2015.

Mirantis Fuel and it’s easy to use web-based user interface makes it simpler to deploy production grade highly-available OpenStack environments.

Fuel software provides network based installation and hardware inventory services out-of-the-box – allowing you to boot, configure and install OpenStack nodes from single web-based console.

For advanced use cases Fuel provides also CLI and REST API management interfaces, making the automation of whole process possible.

When comparing Mirantis OpenStack to Ubuntu Juju OpenStack we have found it to be better documented, easier to install and creating more production-ready OpenStack environment configuration by default – without the need for heavy customizations.

Also Fuel supports plugin system – where its functionality can be extended via third-party plugins.

Fuel based OpenStack deployment process is pretty straightforward, involving the following steps:

  • Downloading Mirantis OpenStack ISO image from Mirantis website
  • Configuring network hardware according to your VLAN networking plan
  • Deploying and configuring Fuel master server
  • Booting server nodes for hardware discovery and inventory
  • Creating target OpenStack environment configuration and mapping hardware in Fuel
  • Deploying target OpenStack environment with Fuel

Mirantis has been used by NICPB in order to make an IaaS installation that was connected to the STRATEGIC Service Store and was used for deployment of test services. Detailed Mirantis OpenStack installation guide can be found in the project website.