Municipality of Stari Grad (MoSG) is the part of the local government system and it is one of central municipalities in the City of Belgrade, Serbia. Its central location, value and importance of cultural and historical heritage of the Old Town area are extremely attractive to many economic activities, especially trade and banking. The MoSG plays a role of one of the three pilots in the STRATEGIC project. Goal of this blog is to explain how MoSG is using cloud in its organization and also how STRATEGIC Service Store is used for the deployment of MoSG services.

Major benefits from STRATEGIC for MoSG and its users
For MoSG:

  • Cutting costs for infrastructure and applications
  • Increase effectiveness of current services
  • Get experience of cloud services’ usage
  • Get experience of the STRTATEGIC service store usage
  • Service migration to the chosen private IaaS in Serbia
  • Get experience in cross-border cloud e-government services
  • Getting experience of some cross-border e-gov services with some EU country (Italy)
  • Getting experience in using cross-border identity management

For MoSG’s citizens:

  • Increase in cloud confidence (no impact to same service over cloud = good impact)
  • Getting experience of cross-border attribute exchange
  • Covering the ever increasing needs of the users by taking advantage of the elastic capabilities of the cloud
  • Availability of open Public Sector Information to its citizens
  • To be additionally determined during the testing

Deployed MoSG applications/use cases through the STRATEGIC service store
During the STRATEGIC project, the Municipality of Stari Grad (MoSG) has deployed the four previously defined e-government services, as well as one additional one (based on LimeSurvey) through the STRATEGIC Service Store on the privately hosted IaaS implemented in Serbia (from one service provider – Orion Telecom), connected to the STRATEGIC service store and used them for piloting activities. In total 4 servers were dedicated for the creation of the private cloud of MoSG based on OpenStack that is used for the hosting of the StariGrad use cases/applications.

MoSG is using the OpenStack IaaS established in Serbia with a help and coordination from the SingularLogic (SiLO) as the MoSG technical partner in the STRATEGIC project for all pilot scenarios and utilizes the existing OpenStack flavours for the testing and evaluation of both STRATEGIC as a framework and the deployed applications.

There are four originally defined applications that are deployed in the cloud for MoSG in the scope of the STRATEGIC project:

  • StariGrad-1 – Cloudified version of already existing different certificate request services (birth, death, marriage, etc.).
  • StariGrad-2 – Development of the cross-border residence certificate issuance service based on outcomes of the SEMIRAMIS project. Related to Genoa-3 use case.
  • StariGrad-3 – Development of the cloud based email service for internal users of MoSG.
  • StariGrad-4 – CKAN based Open Data cloud service. Development of the Open data sets relevant to MoSG.

Use case #1: MoSG certificate request service
In this use case a cloudified version of the certificate request service of the Municipality of Stari Grad has been created using STRATEGIC Service Store. The application is used for sending requests for some certificates (birth, death, marriage) for some citizen. The application has a form that should be filled in order to send a request. When a proper request is sent and received and validated by the application, the application will automatically send an email to the predefined email address of the civil servant responsible for issuing the requested certificate. When the civil servant receives the request he issues the actual certificate by calling another application which is not in the scope of the project. The part of the process for requesting the certificate and sending the email with corresponding data to the civil servant is in the scope of this cloudified certificate issuance application and thus in the scope of the STRATEGIC project. There are two versions of the application already tested; by using default/test email addresses of the organization and by using the email accounts created through the use case #3 scenario of MoSG. The service is avalaible on

Use case #2: Cross-border attribute exchange using SEMIRAMIS
The use case for cross-border attribute exchange service (cross-border residence certificate) based on the outputs of SEMIRAMIS project and is a joint use case with Genoa-3. The SEMIRAMIS components are offered as part of the STRATEGIC framework and the required components (Serbian FP and IA) have been already deployed on the MoSG’s IaaS with the technical help of ATOS and SILO. The development and necessary customization on the Service provider (SP) component MoSG that will be integrated with basic SEMIRAMIS components has been finalized.
Based on the initial cross-border application provided by ATOS, necessary development, configurations and modifications on the code have been done by MoSG and with collaboration of ATOS. The Service Provider component of the MoSG is available on the following domain/URL:

Use case #3: Deployment of an email solution for MoSG
In this use case is a cloud based email service for internal users of MoSG has been created. Upon a detailed analysis, the open source solution of iRedMail mail server has been chosen in order to be cloudified through STRATEGIC Service Store. After some initial tests with iRedMail in a testbed deployment, the email service has been packaged, published in the STRATEGIC Service Store and deployed at the SILO’s OpenStack based cloud infrastructure during the year 2 of the Project. This application is to be configured and parameterized by MoSG’s technical team through the SRATEGIC Service Store.

The iRedMail cloud webmail service has been deployed on the MoSG’s private IaaS using STRATEGIC Service Store and is used by internal MoSG users for evaluation perspectives.
Use case #4: Open Data of MoSG
In this use case, a CKAN-based open data application has been published on STRATEGIC Service Store and used by MoSG. After the deployment of the application through Service Store, further customization has been done and open datasets have been uploaded by MoSG’s team and are available for download.

The application has been deployed on the MOSG private IaaS and is published on the following URL and has been already tested by some internal users from MoSG and SiLO.