Public bodies can use STRATEGIC if favor of the citizens, as it is a single platform that serves both as a broker between different clouds providers and an orchestrator of re-usable e-government services. STRATEGIC supports the deployment of services into multiple IaaS providers, both private and local, thus helping public bodies to avoid vendor lock-in and the same the possibility to reduce their operational costs.


Dashboard Screenshot

Deploying and managing applications is executed easily through the usage of STRATEGIC Service Store, a marketplace that allows sharing of applications, configuration at pre and post deployment steps and also integrated monitoring and security enhancements.

The usage of STRATEGIC can be briefly viewed in the following video:


  • Orchestrate your e-government services
    Use STRATEGIC for as an orchestrator that allows administrators of e-government services to automate and coordinate complex tasks
  • Support e-gov applications lifecycle
    Use STRATEGIC for deploying and managing the lifecycle of e-government services deployed to the cloud
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
    STRATEGIC supports multiple cloud providers, so it helps public bodies to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Reduce capex, opex and compliance cost
    Transferring applications to the cloud can reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of public bodies
  • Share or re-use applications from public bodies across europe
    STRATEGIC Services Store allows public bodies across Europe to adapt, localized and reuse applications already existing to the marketplace
  • Use our best practices for cross-border applications
    Experiences of STRATEGIC consortium for the development of cross-border applications with the usage of STORK and SEMIRAMIS libraries are shared
  • Multiple IaaS providers support
    STRATEGIC supports multiple cloud providers, so it helps public bodies to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Integrate advanced security mechanism to protect your application and data
    Extensive security configuration is supported by the embedded security mechanisms of BT offered through the STRATEGIC Service Store